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Course Offerings

CEARS faculty members routinely teach the following courses that focus on Environmental Analytics and Remote Sensing:

Undergraduate Courses

GEOG 4354: Introduction to Remote Sensing
GEOG 4374/5374: Remote Sensing and Phenology
GEOG 4334/5334: Land Change Modelling
GEOG 4084/5084: Modelling with GIS
FREC 1004 (GEOG 1084) Digital Planet
FREC 1044 Introduction to Environmental Informatics
FREC 3044 Environmental Informatics
FREC 4214 Forest Photogrammetry & Spatial Data Processing
NR 6104: Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing

Graduate Courses

FOR 5254: Remote Sensing of Natural Resources
FOR/GEOG 5104: Interdisciplinary Seminar in Remote Sensing and GIS
FOR/GEOG 6214: Forestry Lidar Applications
FOR/GEOG 5154: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Natural Resources

Courses taught by affiliated faculty

CS 5814: Digital Picture Processing
ECE 5524: Pattern Recognition
CS 5554: Computer Vision Systems
CS 5034: Analysis of Spatial Data