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Graduate Students

Typically, 10-12 graduate students (M.S. and Ph.D.) are working on CEARS projects each year. Most of the doctoral students are also affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program in Remote Sensing (RS-IGEP). We list only the 2016-17 doctoral and MS students below with their graduate program.

PhD Students

Amy Blood; GEA
Katie Britt; RS-IGEP and GEA; currently also employed at U. Florida
Eric Chance, FREC MS
Jill Derwin; RS-IGEP and FREC
Iris E.M. Fynn, RS-IGEP and GEA
Matthew House; RS-IGEP and FREC
Cameron Houser; RS-IGEP and FREC
Snehal More; RS-IGEP and FREC
Hoa Tran; RS-IGEP and GEA

MS Students

Wyatt McCurdy, FREC
Paige Williams, FREC