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Center researchers have extensive expertise with a wide variety of data types (i.e., active and passive microwave, multispectral, hyperspectral, lidar, aerial photographs) and application areas (e.g., temperate and tropical forestry, limnology, ecological modeling, marine biology, environmental monitoring, urban ecology, carbon sequestration, tropical biodiversity assessment, rangeland management, invasive species, fire fuel loading).

CEARS Co-Directors

Valerie A. Thomas, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
Yang Shao, Geography

Core Faculty

College of Natural Resources and Environment

Leslie G. Fuller, Senior Research Associate and Systems Manager, CEARS

Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Evan B. Brooks, Research Scientist
John A. McGee, Professor
R. Quinn Thomas, Assistant Professor
Valerie A. Thomas, Associate Professor and CEARS Co-director
Randolph H. Wynne, Professor


Thomas Pingel, Associate Professor
Yang Shao, Associate Professor and CEARS Co-Director

Affiliated Faculty

Agricultural and Applied Economics

Klaus Moeltner, Associate Professor

Computer Science

Layne T. Watson, Professor

Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Phillip J. Radtke, Associate Professor


Andrew W. Ellis, Associate Professor
Junghwan Kim, Assistant Professor
Santosh Rijal, Collegiate Assistant Professor

Science and Technology Studies

Richard F. Hirsh, Professor
Saul Halfon, Associate Professor